We invite you to submit abstracts on any topic related to South American Camelids and other fibre producing animals. The focus lies on domestic South American Camelids (SAC: alpacas, llamas), but also includes research on SAC in the wild, and other fibre producing animals, e.g. sheep and goats.

It considers particularly latest advances within the following scientific fields:

1 Sustainable development and climate change
2 Biodiversity
3 Breeding and genetics
4 Health and reproduction
5 Nutrition
6 Meat and fibre production, including shearing
7 Fibre metrology
8 Free papers

If you are interested in sharing your work, please register and submit your abstract directly in the registration mask by using exclusively this template and by following the structural guidelines:

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  • Title of the abstract (max. 30 words)
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  • Abstract (max. 400 words)
  • Language: english

Please consider that every author is allowed to present a maximum number of 3 presentations (oral presentation and/ or poster)